Instructions of PICCOLI

updated :2018.8.1

PICCOLI was founded in 1978 in the aim of providing children with so many hope and dreams throughout our collection of picture books and juvenile literature around the world.

□ Open hours

・Thursdays – Saturdays 10:30 - 18:00
・Sundays and Public holidays in Japan 10:30 - 17:00

□ Closed days

・Mondays – Wednesdays
・Bon Festival Holidays /Year-End and New Year Holidays
・Other closing dates and changes, please check our website at

How to use PICCOLI

▼ How to enter the library

・Anyone may enter PICCOLI with no charge. Open the door, an’ come in please.

▼ Library Services

・Reading all books and magazines on openshelves, an’ appreciatin’ AV materials.

□ How to Borrow books

We issue library cards with no charge.
Please apply for our registration at the counter.
・Bring the material with your library card to the counter. (up to 5 books for 2 weeks)
・You can appreciate AV materials only in our library.

□ Return

Please return books to the counter prior to the due date. You cannot borrow any other book an’ AV materials until you return them.
Your borrowing privileges will be suspended as many days as the book is overdue.


You can join us for various events as below.

□ Ohanashi-Kai(story telling) Sundays 15:30-16:00

Join us for picture books, stories, hand-rhymes etc.

□ Pooh-Yokocho(story telling) Sunday/ Once a month /15:30 -16:00

presented by the member of ‘Kyoto Storytelling Club’.

□ Booktalk-no-Jikan
 (story telling about science and others)Saturday/Once a month 15:30-16:00

□ Totto-CLUB Friday/Biweekly between 10:30 to 12:00

A communicating time for 0-3 years old children and their parents.
Enjoy baby toys, picture books, and chatting.
Last 15 minutes, join us for a story time.

□ Kosaku-Kai(Craft) Saturdays between 13:30 to16:00

Join us for a fun Handicrafts.
*Parent’s help should be required for preschool children.

□ Joei-Kai(Movie Screening) check our informations at our website

We show some movies on the hall with big screen.


+ Handle all the materials and utilities with care.
+ If you lose, stain, and break equipment, we might request you to cover repair costs.
+ Food and drinks(including PET bottles), handheld game console are not permitted.
+ Keep off our any campus site an’ buildings.
+ Preschool children must be accompanied with parents.
+ If you do not observe our rules and manners, we might request you to leave, and refuse to use thereafter.